Celebrating Happiness: Introductory Post

101-Baby Pink MR

Hello, all of you beautiful people! From the title of this post, and the image above, I’m sure you have already deduced the aim of this blog, which is to celebrate what all of us are constantly pursuing – happiness.

I have realised that many of us have taken to lamenting and (in Internet terms) emo-ing about our lives online, exuding negativity even when our lives aren’t actually as bad as we make them sound. As such, I have decided that such a celebration is required to remind each and every one of you out there that the world is actually a much happier place than you think.

How am I going to carry out said celebration?

This is where YOU come in. This blog aims to collect as much happiness as possible. As such, YOU can help in this ‘collection’ by submitting stories / recounts of your happiest moments at this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HYBnbgiaG-nDmwBq4k9TKs2Uba3-m8L9frxhKQj93Ig/viewform . Your happiest moment can be anything, really – it can be the simplest thing like “A stranger smiled at me today”. In addition, you can also talk about who makes you happiest (e.g. your friends, spouse, girl/boyfriend, family etc.).

Remember, this is an effort to collect happiness, so every little sliver of ‘HAPPY’ counts!

I deeply hope that this will be a success, and that this blog will be that site that puts smiles on people’s faces. So join me in this celebration, and share your happiness with the world!


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