The Definition of Happiness

definition of happiness

Happiness is waking up just in time for the sunset. Happiness is looking up at the night sky and seeing all those pretty pretty pretty stars twinkling without a care in the world. Happiness is feeling the soft, damp grass beneath your feet. Happiness is walking in the rain without an umbrella. Happiness is feeling the warm rays of sunshine on your skin after.

Happiness is waking up anytime you want. Happiness is the stranger who smiles at you when your eyes meet. Happiness is the oh-so-glorious tub of ice-cream you can’t help but finish all by yourself. Happiness is the person who is willing to go to great lengths just to help you out. Happiness is making someone else happy.

Happiness is knowing that everything will be okay in the end, and not knowing what will happen next but bullsh*tting your way through it anyway. Happiness is letting go and setting yourself free. It is in letting go of the edge you’ve been holding onto for your whole life, and having someone at the bottom to catch you.

Happiness is the way you look at the person you know you will love for the rest of your life, and in the way he / she looks back at you. It is in the giggles of children playing in the sandbox, in the way they skip lightly along the sidewalk, in the way they look up at you and smile with that childish oblivion and purity and innocence and….that one thing you can’t quite figure out what it is…..(maybe that’s happiness).

In many ways, happiness is like love. Yet, while love unleashes all the irrationalities in you – jealousy, anger, possessiveness, hard-headedness, rashness – happiness is what removes all the ‘bad’ from these irrationalities. It is what erases, at least temporarily, all the history. Because in that particular moment where you actually feel that warm little flame of happiness spreading through your whole being, you forget about all that had once pulled you down and torn you apart. You forget that someone had once made you cry, that good things never do last, that 10 years down the road, you mightn’t even remember this moment. Happiness is what makes you look past reality, history, practicalities. When you’re happy, you just are – nothing else interrupts the equation.

Happiness is……well, happiness is what makes you smile, laugh, laugh even harder until you cry. It is telling stupid jokes and sharing stupid stories and being stupid. Happiness has no criteria – you don’t have to be be an A-Star student, or a professor, or some fancy graphic designer or whatever glamorous. The thing about happiness is that it is probably the blindest feeling you can ever find, right next to love. Happiness doesn’t pick who will feel it – when the time comes for you to feel the amazing feeling that is happiness, you will.

Happiness is spontaneous. No one can predict when he / she will tell a joke so darn good it leaves everyone in stitches. No one knows when you’ll miraculously find someone who is willing to be with you for the rest of your life and tolerate all your oddest habits and bullish*t and pet peeves. The thing about happiness is that it comes when you least expect it to – perhaps this is what makes happiness so much…..(there is no other way to say this) happier.

Happiness can mean many things, and to many, it can mean everything. It is what pulls you up when all hope seems lost. It is what makes life so much more worthwhile, and love so much more beautiful, and people so much calmer.

All I’m trying to say here is: happiness is fucking beautiful and even though everyone deserves to be happy, we are not owed it. So, every time you feel even a little happy, please, please take a moment in between all the smiles and laughter to thank all your lucky stars and just…remember that moment. Remember that you were happy at least once in your life. And when you do, nothing and no one can ever take that memory away from you.

Note: This was originally posted on my personal blog (, except (how embarrassing) that this has been proof-read and modified quite a bit. I know this isn’t the most perfect definition of happiness, but it is what happiness is to me.

Also, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for everyone who has followed this blog and/or submitted your responses in the “Share your happiness!” form. I love you all. 


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