About the Administrators


Who are we?
We are just two friends who find meaning in celebrating happiness and reminding people (from all over the world) about the wonderful feeling of being happy. And we will keep celebrating for as long as we can.

Why did we decide to hold this celebration?
Confession: We never really ever legitimately planned this whole thing out, actually.

This never even started as a pair project. I (this is Brenda speaking) had created this site on the spur of the moment and decided to go solo in my voyage to remind as many people as possible that there is still happiness and hope left in what may seem to be a bleak world. I never planned on having a right-hand woman / friend next to me in this voyage. But Adey came along, heard about the project and dove right in and there you have it, this is a joint effort to spread the word of happiness. I will forever be thankful for all that Adey has done for this site.

So…….if you’re interested to learn more about us, keep reading.



Creator + Writer + Administrator + Whatever role that comprises keeping this site alive and kickin’ and the posts run-a-runnin’

About me
Hopeless romantic.
Crazy idealist.
Forever trying to live a life worthy of being retold to my non-existent grandkids gathered at my feet.
I am currently obsessed (obsessed in every sense of the word)* with Spanish music and culture, and have gone to the extent of self-learning the language. Good books and movies make me cry more easily than all the…less than pleasant things that happen in life.

I enjoy writing, reading, running, listening to music, talking to strangers, having a good cup of tea / coffee / Milo at an al fresco’s cafe, traveling, daydreaming and talking about abstract concepts.
My best friend, Cheryl, friends, and family make me the happiest girl alive.
Pet peeve: when people turn on the radio / television / whatever sound-producing device while I’m playing the piano

You know that girl who’s forever embarrassing herself unintentionally / unknowingly? Yeah, that’s me.

How to reach me?


*as of March 31, 2014





Promotion Executive + Human Resources + Marketing & Creative

I’m in charge of promoting this movement and sourcing for different ways to increase our reach and bring happiness to more people!

What makes me happy?
Fries, authentic Japanese rice, good food in general, a great music playlist, people advocating for what they believe in, meeting new people, taking risks, filing my worksheets, good movies, good TV shows, DC/Marvel, my fandoms

How to reach me? 



And that is all there is about us (for now). Feel free to drop by our Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. to say hi. Talk to us, tell us what makes you happy, what we can do to improve the site, //whispers// or just make awkward small talk. We don’t mind.

Most importantly, join us in the celebration of happiness by sharing your happiness with us and the rest of the world here!

We love and appreciate each and every one of your submission. You are all beautiful people. We love you.


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