5 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up


1. Talk.
Grab the person closest (relationship-wise or distance-wise, it doesn’t really matter) to you and start rambling. Do not even care if the other party understands — God bless them if they do — what you’re talking about. Just let it all out, let your sadness / anger / frustration / etc. all come out in this whole mess of word vomit. Talk, without expecting the listener to give you any advice at the end (that’s why they’re called listeners, not counsellors), and when you’re done, say ‘Thank you’ and perhaps try to move on with life, or move on to tell someone else the same things all over again. Trust me, it helps.

2. Ice-cream (or whatever other guilty pleasure(s)).
I mean, seriously, who cares about perfect hourglass figures when you’re in your worst mood possible? Seriously, just let loose and forget about the diet plan you’ve never actually stuck to.

3. Take a long, cold shower / bath.
Take the time to either space out or weigh your options or re-evaluate whatever you have done / are going through. Relax. We often function better when we are all refreshed and cool and clean.

4. Write.
Write all your thoughts, your frustration, your problems, your mistakes, your worries down on a piece of paper. It works almost as well as ranting to someone else. Except this option has an added bonus of being able to tear the damned piece of paper up into a thousand little pieces and throw them down the chute after you are done.

5. Cry.
I don’t know about you, but I almost always feel much, much, much better after a good long cry. Just lock yourself in your room, sit down and let all your defences down and cry. Scream if need be. The whole point is to just let it all go, to allow your pent-up frustrations and bottled-up feelings an exit out of your poor, exhausted soul. I will never understand why people always look at guys who dare to cry differently, so even if you’re a male, do not hesitate to allow yourself a little breakdown. You can put up that macho front again after the tears have subsided, in front of people more worthy of your time and efforts.


How else do you cheer yourself up? What and who make you feel better when you’re feeling down?

Share your happiness with the world today!


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