15 going on 16

plus sixty five

What makes you happy?
1) People! People make me happy (: Smiling at people and giving them hugs and seeing people falling in love all around you. Seeing people stop to look at the sky, or people looking effortlessly beautiful when they’re laughing. People who know how to love ❤ 

2) Good music and a cup of tea makes me happy.

3)and so does How I Met Your Mother  

4) AND THIS BLOG makes me so happy omg it is so lovely i cant even :&#039 😉 

5) words make me happy. words that are genuine, pure and raw. words that are written beautifully, words that come from the heart

Who makes you happy?
My best friend makes me happy! She’s the loveliest friend in the entire universe and she keeps me smiling all the time, even when she’s not with me (: She watches out for me and makes me feel protected and allows me to learn to love myself and those around me as well. and being with her makes me happy so i can easily spread that happiness to everyone around me (: she makes my life worth living!

What was one of the happiest moments of your life?
there is no happiest moment of my life because happiness can never be measured (: happiness itself is already an achievement and there is no limit! and i wouldn’t ever want to have the happiest moment of my life because i want each and every moment to get happier and happier (:

Anything you want to say to the world?
this makes me so happy!!!!!and i am so proud to know the creator of this blog



Moved beyond words :’)

with the world today!


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