About the Administrators: Adey


Mostly I’m here just to facilitate, vet ideas and keep this movement going. There’s not a lot to say about me. I am generally happy, so I try to help others celebrating happiness.

I think the most crucial thing about being happy is centering yourself and surrounding yourself with things and people that make you happy. For example, the existence of beautiful, funny, interesting men and women make me happy, thus I keep a folder containing cute photos of certain beautiful, funny, interesting men and women on my desktop for easy access all the time. It’s also a good idea to accept yourself for who you are and keep striving to improve yourself for your own sake and on your own terms. Right now I’m doing a daily exercise routine for the sole sake of improving my fitness and I answer to nobody regarding my level of fitness and my daily accomplishments. I do it for myself, not for anyone else, and that makes me happy.

Sometimes it seems ridiculous, especially in very dark moments, but it’s very true that happiness is a choice. Just keep choosing it whenever you’re faced with the decision, and keep celebrating that choice. Celebrate your happiness.

Of course, there are many specific things and people that make me happy. But that would take up too much time to list (and read). So to wrap up- in the words of Oon Shu An (the lovely lady I run a subdormant FC for),

“Take care. And find your happiness. Go be beautiful.”


So those are Adey’s views on happiness. What are yours?

Share it with us and the rest of the world! 


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