ching wei



What makes you happy?
stress free time with family/friends
knowing i made a difference in someone’s day
watching criminal minds
eating home cooked food
getting something right
making someone proud
this page!!!!! (thank you for being such lovely people <3)

Who makes you happy?
my family when we are all nice people & friends that make me smile when i talk to them (:

What was one of the happiest moments of your life? 
when i got an encouragement from a senior who told me everything was gonna be alright and coming from her it was really reassuring (:

Anything you want to say to the world?
happiness can be found in everywhere, you just gotta focus on the right things/moments (: any amount of positivity around you won’t help if you choose to focus on the negative and not let the positivity come inside, so keep an open mind and you’ll find life a little more enjoyable (:


Much love. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo //tears of happiness well up in eyes//

Share your happiness with the world today!


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