What makes you happy?
God  makes me very happy
People make me happy
Knowing that I am loved makes me happy
Doing fun stuff makes me happy
Spending time with people I love makes me extremely happy
Getting good grades make me happy
Playing the bagpipes (sometimes) makes me happy
Laughing at myself makes me happy
Having a chance to start over again when you know you’ve screwed up makes me happy
Receiving compliments make me happy
Funny stuff makes me happy
Rolling around on the floor makes me happy
Looking at the sky makes me happy
Watching korean dramas make me happy

Who makes you happy?
My friends
My family

What was one of the happiest moments of your life?
When I got baptised (:
Or when I am secure in God (which is most of the time) so I’m happy everyday
Or when I’m with my friends and we are having fun

Anything you want to say to the world? 
If you want to be happy i guess you have to stop being so greedy, bc when you look at other people or circumstances, you are just going to want more and more and more. And happiness to me is just being grateful and content with what you have, not that you can’t be ambitious, but just be thankful and not take what you have for-granted.


Share your happiness with the world today!



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