The Pursuit of Happiness — Our Take.


“People confuse the source of their happiness. They become temporarily happy when they get a new car, or a new house, or a new marriage. And they think that they are suddenly happy because of this new thing in their life. In reality, they are happy because for a brief moment, they are without desire. But then soon another desire comes along. And the search continues.”

I thought this was a really great quote to start off the post, so there ^

School is almost coming to an end — a temporary one, anyway — for Adey (kudos to her for coming up with what kind of content to put up today!) and me right now, so we thought it would be fitting to talk just a little about school too, since in Adey’s words, our demographic is quite schooly. So here goes.

It isn’t an uncommon sight to see people getting all excited and happy because of good results, of 4.0’s, of (academic) improvements here — actually, I’m pretty sure this happens everywhere ‘educational’.

I’m here to tell you that that is most definitely NOT the only source of real happiness. Sure, it does make you feel happy. It makes you feel like…I don’t know, like you’ve conquered Mount Everest or something (at least, that’s how I feel sometimes), but as seen in the quote above, I hope you realise that all these pride and joy and elation come simply because your desires at that very moment had been met. For that short, temporary moment, you were free from desire.

I may be wrong, but the way I see it, it was more that freedom that had been the root of your happiness — temporary or not. This post comes at the rightest of times, just after the submission that was put up yesterday. There, gen said (in response to the last question) that one should not be too ‘greedy’ in order to be happy.

It is true. It is our being bound to our desires (in the case of school, it is the desire to be the best, to score the 4.0 that will 4.0ever be almost every student’s dream). I’m here to tell you that it is okay to not fulfil those desires once in a while. I think many of us tend to lose ourselves in this ‘pursuit of fulfilment of desires’ thing, because they think that it is equivalent to the ‘pursuit of happiness’.

Many a time, we forget that happiness comes from a lot of things, and achieving something is only one of those things. Watching the sun rise (or set), flashing a smile as a stranger, seeing pretty wildflowers, saying ‘I love you’ to people you are thankful for, laughing at stupid jokes with friends — these things will make you happy too. And if you have never experienced these things (any many many more) only because you have been chasing after the wrong butterfly (well, it isn’t the completely wrong one but if you’re going after only that one), it’s time to stop running and look around you and realise that happiness isn’t all about fulfilment of desires. (I would also like to remind you that desires  dreams.)

Happiness simply is.

And it may not pop up in your life all too often, but when it comes, it’s the simplest yet most divine feeling you’ll ever feel. It is a mixture of love and admiration and appreciation and gratitude and hope and all other beautiful feelings, one bright star in the dark night sky.

I’m here to tell you to please never forget how simple but beautiful happiness really is. There is no point in forsaking happiness for that 4.0 that will only bring you temporary joy. There is no point in keeping your head down and not stopping to smell the flowers just to get to where you will receive boundless attention and admiration and adoration just because of your achievements, if that place at the top is not where happiness will be.

I’m not saying getting that 4.0 you’ve been fighting for months for isn’t going to make you happy. I’m saying that it is not worth being unhappy just because you did not get it. I’m saying that it’s okay to not pursue happiness the same way that others do. I’m saying that it’s okay to turn back just to get a second glimpse of that beautiful sunset on the way home, just to prolong that light, happy feeling, instead of rushing home to complete yet another assignment. I’m saying that it’s okay to work hard to fulfil your desires or dreams, if you think that is where you will find happiness; but it is also okay when you do not find it when you succeed.

Just start all over again.

I’m saying that it’s okay to be a different kind of happy. It’s okay to be happy for no reason at all. It’s okay to be happy for the most random of reasons. I, myself, started this site to make others happy, but in the process, have also been ‘infected’ with this whole happy, bubbly feeling. I never planned on finding more happiness when I embarked on this journey of Celebrating Happiness but I have unintentionally found my little bubble of happiness anyway.

So I’m telling you that happiness is going to come in the most surprising or expected or rewarding of forms. It will find you. It will light up your day just when you think it cannot get any worse. It will save you from whatever sadness or loss you are feeling. No matter how long it takes, I’m telling you — and dare I promise, even — that it will come eventually. 

Till then, in the lady’s words, the search continues. Till then, just take time to smell the roses.


I would just like to add that the above is just my take on what happiness (and its ‘source’?) is. There are many ways to look at the picture, and my opinion is only one of them. Feel free to share what YOU think about happiness and even just share your happiness with the world at this link!

Also, I would like to thank for nominating this site for the Liebster Award. Image

We feel extremely honoured that we had been nominated, and it is always a joy to see that our site has made at least someone out there a happier person. It is encouragements like these that keep us going and motivate us to continue posting and getting the word about this celebration out. (We have, however, chose to not accept the nomination, in that we would not be responding to the nomination. But we really, really, really appreciate the nomination. You have no idea how overjoyed seeing this made me.)

We are extremely thankful for each and every one of you who take the time to actually read, like, comment and share our posts. You are all beautiful people, and we hope you will never forget that.

We wish you happiness. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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