So………………..we finally decided to take this celebration to the next level by bringing it to an even wider audience!

This, you would’ve already known from the title of the post, will be done via Twitter. There really isn’t a set of guidelines that we are going to follow in terms of what kind of content we’re going to be tweeting but we promise they’ll all be happy and light-hearted and a guaranteed day-brightener! We will update you on any new posts made on this site on there too!

So click on this link (our username is @happycelebrxns) and follow us on Twitter RIGHT NOW! Pronto! Or you could simply head down to the sidebar (on the right) and hit the Follow button on the Twitter timeline embedded there! 😀


Like how we love to involve YOU in our celebrations through your submissions on this site, we hope that you will also use Twitter as an alternative platform to share your happiness with us (and the rest of the world!). I mean, come on, SHARING IS CARING, people. ❤


We love you all beautiful people so much you have absolutely no idea. It is truly a joy to see all these submissions and how much this site brightens up people’s day. It’s just…to me, all these responses and submissions and everything happy are the best rewards (and the funny thing is I never expected any!) that one could ever ask for :’)

ahhhhhhh love you all


Share your happiness with the world today!

For happy happy happy tweets, hit us up on Twitter!


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