Share your ‘happy’!


So we have had quite a number of new followers since the last time we broadcasted this… ‘aspect’ of our site and we decided this might be the right time to do it again 🙂

Have you ever felt that little bubble of happiness inside of you and wanted to just tell anyone and everyone about this beautiful feeling? Well, here’s the chance to broadcast it to the whole internet-sphere!

Right on the Menu bar above, there is  tab that reads “SHARE YOUR HAPPINESS!’ (or you can just click those 3 words there <– if you’re lazy). Click it, and you’ll be brought to a ‘form’ where you only have 2 mandatory fields to 2 very simple questions:

1. What makes you happy?
2. Who makes you happy?

Leaving any personal particulars is optional, and it is okay to give shootouts to the people you love. You are, of course, free to also answer the rest of the questions. Please do! They’re very interesting questions!

They can be very simple answers. They can be very long, heartfelt answers. We really don’t mind.

After all, the main objective of this site is not to prove that happiness is a complex feeling that is hard to come by (because it is NOT), but to tell everyone that it is okay to feel happy, that it is okay to tell the world that you’re happy, that it is okay to SHOUT IT OUT TO EVERY LIVING THING that yes, happiness does exist because you have felt it, and you’re feeling it right this beautiful moment.

So share it with us! Share it with the world! Share your ‘happy’! 🙂


Share your happiness with the world today!

For happy happy happy tweets, hit us up on Twitter!


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