What makes you happy?
this site makes me happy
school makes me happy
dancing makes me happy
cheering for my school makes me happy
playing makes me happy
food makes me happy

Who makes you happy?
my friends make me happy
my family makes me happy
my cca makes me happy
some teachers make me happy and some make me very unhappy
but don’t care about the unhappy ones :DDDDDDDDD

What was one of the happiest moments of your life?
WHEN I GOT WHATSAPP OK HAHAHAH I AM VERY HAPPY :DDDDDDD and I think my life is super fun and interesting 🙂

Anything you want to say to the world?
I think i have a very happy life 🙂

and if you think you dont have a very happy life, think about the things in your life that make you feel better. Why do they make you feel better? Is it the pain that is released, or the relief or the sheer joy and comfort that you feel? haha if its good feelings, focus on them more and appreciate the things around you, the events that happen that give you these feelings.

If its pain, why is there such pain? Is it entirely your fault or someone else’s fault? Can anyone help you? cuz whenever you hurt yourself to release some of the pain you feel inside right, you’re stabbing someone else’s heart as well, so maybe try and let people in to help take away that pain and make your life happier :))


Share your happiness with the world today!

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