Celebrating Happiness: The RGS Edition!

So, recently, we have been planning something reeeeally exciting in our school for our graduating batch of 2014 and IT WAS FINALLY LAUNCHED TODAY!

Here’s what it’s all about 🙂Processed with VSCOcam

Can you believe it? The Year 4 Batch of 2014 will be graduating from RGS in 12 weeks! Therefore, some of us have come together to think about how we can appreciate and commemorate our 4 years in RGS. 🙂

And we would like each and every one of YOU, from the RGS graduating batch of 2014 to be part of it!

Each of the 12 weeks will have a different theme and activities lined up for us to show our appreciation towards different people and the little things in life. These activities will then be captured and posted in “roundup posts” at the end of every week on our Facebook Page and main WordPress site.

A final post with the highlights from each week will also be put up on the above 2 platforms in the twelfth and final week, and showcased during FAM as a final, big Thank-You! 😀

Objectives of the 12 Weeks of Happiness:

  • To help the Year 4s start appreciating and commemorating their time in RGS
  • To bond over positive shared memories and experiences in RGS
  • To pass on the legacy of having a spirit of gratitude to our juniors.

Note: This means that all the submissions and other usual Celebrating Happiness posts will be put on hold for the timebeing, and instead, this site will be used mostly (if not completely) for the 12 Weeks of Happiness initiative! 


Share your happiness with the world today!

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