Week 3 of Happiness: ROUND UP!!!



For the 3rd of 12 Weeks of Happiness, we decided to appreciate and celebrate our ohana — our FAMILY!!!

During CLE Lessons, everyone shared about their family, and were even given the chance to write LETTERS and make cute little paper cuttings (that showed 2 hands making the shape of a heart — adorable!!) to write sweet stuff on!

We also got all of you to share some selfies / pictures with your family members on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #12woh and here are some of your posts! 😀

family 1 Family 2 family 3

family 5 family 6 family 4

Even though Week 3 of Happiness is officially over, we hope that you will all still continue to appreciate your family for all the things that they do for you, their selfless love, and for being the constant pillars in your life! Appreciate that they have been with you through thick and thin and for (probably) THE MOST NUMBER OF YEARS IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!

Go on, TELL YOUR PARENTS AND SIBLING(S) YOU LOVE THEM! Give them a huuuuuuge hug! ❤

Thank you all for participating so actively in this initiative 🙂 We love you.


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