Coming Out of Hibernation

It’s no secret that the Celebrating Happiness site has brought me so much happiness in the past months. Seeing it first getting attention from people around me and then people from all around the year, and then seeing it being recognised as a legit initiative by my school’s Head of Year 4 — it was just like this huge…I wouldn’t call it an ego boost, but it made me feel good about myself. It made me feel like “hey, I’m capable of bringing happiness to so many people. I’m not invisible! My efforts haven’t gone to waste at all!”.

But throughout this whole journey of using Celebrating Happiness (CH) as a platform for the Year 4 batch of 2014 in my school to reminisce the good ol’ days and celebrate their remaining 12 weeks (thus, the 12 Weeks of Happiness initiative) in RGS, I started to come under a whole lot of stress.

Getting people to cooperate, to pay attention, to you know, just show at least some support — it was so difficult. I did 70% of the things all on my own, and there were times when I felt it was just so unfair that we were still crediting the whole CH Organising Team when I was the only one doing the job. (Selfish, I know, but I’m being very very blunt and honest here — and I believe being honest is always the best option.)

On top of that, while CH means so so so much more to me than so many things else, it kind of saddened me to know for a fact that now that the Year 4s of 2014 have graduated, CH has probably been archived in their brains as just Something That Accompanied Through The Last Weeks in RGS. It saddened me to know that this whole ‘impact’ that CH has made was temporary. It saddened me to see the lack of appreciation.

This was why time and time again, I kept putting off reviving the CH site and letting things go ‘back to normal’, so to speak. I started having all these self-doubts about whether really, this initiative is worth it.

However, after weeks and weeks of pondering over whether or not I wanted to continue this voyage (‘voyage’ sounds cool, eh?) of happiness, I discovered that everything was really just about the truest of cliches:


Because of all the stress from doing one initiative after another every week, I’d started seeing a half-full glass as half-empty. I’d started to neglect the fact that people were actually appreciating what CH was doing for them, and instead paid much much more attention to the ones who barely paid any attention to CH. I started to see who wasn’t doing the work, not who was devoting precious time and effort to the initiative.

And that was when it all fell back in place for me and I mustered up all the energy and courage to come back here.

I can’t promise you guys (you guys being whoever has been following this initiative) big changes in how things work around here on the Celebrating Happiness site, but I can promise that step by step, we will definitely arrive somewhere we will feel like we’ve accomplished something. One more smile, one less frown — we’ll work from the individual up to the crowd.

I love that people have still continued submitting Happy Submissions (please keep them coming!!). And I love that people have come up to me saying that this is a great initiative. And I love that people actually bother leaving wonderfully kind messages and comments on this site.

YOU ARE ALL SO LOVELY. (and I absolutely cannot believe I’d let myself lose sight of that)

Tomorrow, I’ll come back with another Happy Submission. And maybe the day after the day after the day after tomorrow, I’ll have made at least one more person smile. And to me, that’s enough — One smile is always better, and much much more beautiful than a dozen frowns.

If you’ve just read this whole 650+-word post, thank you so much for having taken the time to do so. I wish you the loveliest of days. 🙂


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